Fun and Games at Hedo

One of the first swim parties my wife and I went to,we met a couple that took us under their wing. Over a glass of wine,the husband asked me if we slept with another couple yet. Yes,if we’ve been alone with another couple so far and I replied “not yet.”

What he said,stunned me. It’s all fun and games till somebody puts their dick in your wife. I did not know if I was ready for that. But things progressed. We went to more parties. We played in groups,and we always “soft-swap”รข lots of oral sex and no penetration.

We came close,but we had a rule that both parties had to agree to change in our boundaries.Hedonism Resort

Last April,we contactedCastaways Traveland booked our vacation atHedonism. Jennifer was super friendly,and she talked us through the ins and outs. What things were and what to do.

We checked in and went to the hot tub to check out the action. It was wild,and we were a little uncomfortable at first. Then we met Cindy and Jake! She was stunning,and he was well-endowed for sure. They suggest we go to their room. I nodded yes,and my wife giggled and said absolutely.Hedo

We got naked in seconds. We laid next to each other. Jake was making love to my wife,and I was making out with Cindy. Cindy was having multiple orgasms when I heard her scream out,”Can Jake fuck me please”? I said yes and straddled Cindy and asked her the same question. That was a night we will never forget. Soft-swap no more.Hedo

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